La tua vacanza a 3 stelle tra Trentino e Lombardia

Panoramic view of Ponte di Legno: Hotel Bezzi - Vescasa

Use the cable car lift Paradiso to reach the foot of the glacier; leave the lift station, and on the left, take the path and after an hour walking you will reach the Presena glacier. The descend is not difficult, though you have to walk among drumlin rocks. Pass the plateau among winding brooks and big round stones, till reaching the unpaved route, which leads to the abandoned chair lift facility.

From here, walk along the mule track for an hour and a half, till reaching the entrance of the “fitness trail”; this last part of the itinerary is mostly flat and takes you right on the Tonale pass, near the ossuary. To go back to the hotel, just follow the state highway first, and then the unpaved road passing in front of the restaurant Faita.

Science, please: Hotel Bezzi - Biotopo in Tonale

This excursion takes you to the discovery of the so-called Biotopo, a botanical area, where the ancient biodiversity and wildlife is preserved. The tour lasts 2 hours approximately and is suitable for all. Outside the hotel, go uphill toward the Tonale Pass, following the mule-track, which passes in front of Faita restaurant, till its end; arrive at the terminal of the cable car lift Paradiso and go ahead toward the village; pass the Miramonti hotel and turn right toward the church; follow the signs to reach the info point, a wood cabin, where you will find useful information and an interactive kids area. Along the itinerary, which is 1 km long, you can admire the surroundings from 12 viewpoints. The tour forms a ring, so at the end you will go back to the “fitness trail”, from where you can descend back to the hotel.

The importance of this natural environment is due to the thousand-year old peat bog: peat is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation or organic matter that sediment in wetlands and do not decompose, thanks to chemical processes. To set a date of this ecosystem, some trunks have been analyzed and the result is they date back to 7,000 B.C; this means the area is 9,000 years old!

Hotel Bezzi – Fontanino di Santa Rita

This itinerary is ideal for those who want to enjoy a leisurely stroll in the nature. Outside the hotel, take the unpaved route toward the Tonale; pass the chairlift Nigritella and take the path on the left, siding the mule-track from above; this path takes you to the Fontanino of Santa Rita, a small fountain of fresh and clear water. After two bends, the path becomes flat till crossing the unpaved slope that will lead you to the state highway. Walk along the highway till taking again the unpaved route that descends to the hotel, passing in front of the restaurant Faita.

To the open-air market by cable car lift: Hotel Bezzi - Ponte di Legno

On Wednesdays, the open-air market in Ponte di Legno is an unconventional way to spend your morning. Walking from the hotel along the ski slope descending towards Ponte di Legno, reach the intermediate terminal of the cable car lift. Take the lift facility to the village (you have free access with the Opportunity Card); arrived at the terminal station, take the underpass and reach Cida square, where the market is located. From here you can reach the centre of Ponte di Legno, walking along the river. To go back to the hotel, take the cable car lift and get off at the top terminal; from here, you will reach the hotel in 10 minutes walking downhill.


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